The 2017 Housing Umbrella Group Conference

Held in Ft. Lauderdale, this year's conference was fun and informative.  HUG attendees learned about national trends, met with a representative of the Attorney General's office, and voted on the looks they preferred for the changes coming later this year to FLAdvocate.  Both days were full of presentations from people who enjoy sterling reputations nationally. 



There is a fascinating new tool with county level data created by the Self-Represented Litigation Network (SRLN).


SLC's New Manual Added to Library

Southern Legal Counsel (SLC), with financial support from the Herb Block Foundation, published a manual for public defenders and pro bono criminal defense lawyers in Florida entitled, “Jailbirds in the Sunshine State: Defending Crimes of Homelessness.”  It has been added to the main folder of the Housing library.

The Florida Justice Institute has republished the Sixth Edition of the Older Floridians Handbook:  Laws and Programs Affecting Older Floridians. 

The handbook is available on the FJI web site

Ideas for New Library Resources?

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