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Family Law & Domestic Violence

This is official web home of the Florida Civil Legal Aid Family Law Umbrella group. This area is password protected. Membership and full access is available only to Florida legal services attorneys.  All others may join by express permission of the Family Law practice area leader only.


There is a fascinating new tool with county level data created by the Self-Represented Litigation Network (SRLN), that you can find here.

It has 18 different factors you can examine,

1. Population density
2. Children
3. Young Adults
4. Adults (30-44)
5. Midlife Adults (45-99)
6. Seniors (60 +)
7. High school graduates
8. Rentals
9. Vehicle access
10. Active Duty Military
11. Veterans
12. Racial Diversity
13. Foreign Born
14. Language Other Than English Spoken at Home
15. Poverty
16. Where Is Mobile Broadband Available?
17. How Fast Is Mobile Broadband?
18. Where Are Homes Connected to High-Speed Internet?

Share this with the others at your organization who might find it useful and let me know ways that you use it by emailing me at


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We Thought You Should Know...

The Florida Justice Institute has republished the Sixth Edition of the Older Floridians Handbook:  Laws and Programs Affecting Older Floridians.

You can find the handbook at the FJI website here.

Florida Institutional Legal Services authored the "Florida Manual for Incarcerated Parents" in 2008 which contains a great deal of information that some clients may find helpful - please share it.  You can find it at the FloridaLawHelp site by clicking here.

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