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Children's Legal Services

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This is the secure, confidential, group site for all Florida Bar Foundation Children's Legal Services grantee staff working on CLS projects. Membership is restricted to legal services attorneys, legal services staff, and child advocates not employed by the state who are working on child advocacy issues similar to the CLS grantees.  Employees of the state of Florida are excluded from the list at this time.  Alison DeBelder is the Administrator of this site. Please contact Alison if you have any questions or suggestions for improving this site. If you have technical questions or need assistance navigating the site, please contact us.

We encourage each of you to post information to this site that you think will be useful. That information can include links to other web sites, court cases, pleadings, etc. We ask that you suggest folders, either existing or to be added (see the Library for our existing folder set-up), where you believe the additional item belongs.

Please note that you must separately join the website and the listserv. Joining the website only gives you access to the website, but not to the e-mailing capacity, and you will not receive e-mails intended for the group.

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Useful Links:

CFPB:  Your Money, Your Goals



FL Rules of Juvenile Procedure

Florida Administrative Code and Administrative Register

Florida Medicaid Program

Children's Medical Services Managed Care Plan

Florida's Center for Child Welfare

There is a fascinating new tool with county level data created by the Self-Represented Litigation Network (SRLN), that you can find here.


Share this with the others at your organization who might find it useful and let me know ways that you use it by emailing me at


The 2016 CLS Conference in Tampa was a huge success!  

There were diverse presentations from experts representing a variety of fields working on issues of great import to Florida's children and their advocates.  Many thanks to Amy Guinan and Kathy Grunewald of FLS for coordinating such an outstanding program.  All of the training materials can be found in the library here.  






Settlement Reached in Children's Medicaid Class Action

After litigating for over a decade, Florida Pediatricians and the State of Florida have settled a class-action lawsuit about care provided to children in Florida's Medicaid Program.  To read the settlement agreement, click here.

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