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This website is a resource for legal aid and legal services attorneys, advocates, and staff from around Florida. Join the area(s) on the left-hand side of the page that are of interest to you! There you will find email groups, resource libraries, and ways to connect with your colleagues from around the state.

State Support is here for you!

Since 2003, member programs in the Florida State Support System have been meeting to develop and refine the network of support for local programs that exists within the statewide programs. As part of that work, the State Support Network Group (SSNG) is making available to everyone the following resources. In fact, recommendation 4 of the SSNG states:

The attached Substantive and Advocacy Skills/Litigation Support charts should be disseminated widely. Field staff should use these documents as a starting point to determine which state support office they should contact first for technical assistance. Staff within state support will promptly respond to these requests or, if appropriate, direct the individual with the question to another staff member within the state support network who has more suitable expertise and can better respond to the question.

The first two resources that are provided are charts that plot various substantive and advovcacy and litigation support topics along with the state support program that should be contacted for assistance in the given topic. All documents are in PDF format.

Click here for the Substantive Expertise Chart.

Click here for the Advocacy & Litigation Support Chart.

The next four resources are documents each from Southern Legal Counsel, Florida Institutional Legal Services, the Florida Immigrant Advocacy Center, and Florida Legal Services, which further direct those in need of assistance to the correct staff member in each office. Click for:





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