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On December 19, 2011, the Supreme Court issued an order terminating the statewide mandatory Foreclosure Mediation Program.


The Supreme Court has adopted the Amendments proposed by the Committee on Alternative Dispute Resolution Rules and Policy, revising the requirements in
Rule 1.720 that pertain to the appearance of a party or a party's representative at a mediation conference. The amendments provide new language in the rule defining the term "party representative having full authority to settle". Amendments go into effect January 1, 2012.


FTC Issues Final Rule to Protect Consumers in Credit Card Debt
Amendments to Telemarketing Sales Rule Prohibiting Debt Relief Companies From Collecting Advance Fees Will Take Effect in October 2010
Starting on October 27, 2010, for-profit companies that sell debt relief services over the telephone may no longer charge a fee before they settle or reduce a customer's credit card or other unsecured debt.

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What's New

HAMP Guide, describing the program and the notices for the program, has been added to the library. NOTE: relates to earlier version of the HAMP guidebook.


LATEST HAMP HANDBOOK - September 15, 2011 New posting in AllRegs and allows for you to search the handbook. Additional updates found at this link as well.

Treasury NPV tool to check servicer calculations.

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